House Calls

Holy Redeemer HouseCalls

Holy Redeemer HouseCalls is a program that provides primary medical and urgent care, as well as caregiver education, to patients who have difficulty leaving their homes to access the care they need.

As we grow older, many of us develop an increasing number of medical issues that require frequent visits to a doctor’s office. Of course, getting to and from the doctor’s office may be an issue in and of itself. This is especially true if you or a loved one has a physical or mental condition that leaves you immobile or makes driving difficult—if not impossible. Ignoring the care you need is not an option.

The HouseCalls Program provides:

  • Coordinated and compassionate care for homebound patients
  • Scheduled and urgent care
  • Preventative healthcare services
  • Evaluation of safety and environmental issues in the home
  • Support and education for patients, family members and other caregivers who need to cope with the demands of caring for a loved one
  • Comprehensive care from an interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals who are respectful of the patient's goals for long-term health

Who are the HouseCall care providers?

The HouseCalls team is made up of physicians, nurse practitioners and office staff who have expertise working with homebound and chronically ill patients. This team works together to coordinate care, schedule appointments and arrange for other services, such as specialist appointments and hospital visits, that may be necessary.

Who is eligible for HouseCalls?

Holy Redeemer HouseCalls provides primary and urgent in-home care to any person who:

  • Has difficulty getting to and from a doctor’s office
  • Commits to having the HouseCalls physician be their primary healthcare provider
  • Is willing and able to comply with the program’s medical treatment plan
  • Is able to maintain a safe environment in their home
  • Lives within the HouseCalls service area, which includes portions of Northeast Philadelphia, southern Bucks County, eastern Montgomery County and southern New Jersey

What if a HouseCalls patient needs to be hospitalized?

Should you or a loved one require hospitalization while receiving the services of Holy Redeemer HouseCalls, rest assured that your inpatient care will be coordinated with the hospital staff. You can be sure that your medical treatment plan will remain coordinated and consistent—resulting in less stress while in the hospital and upon returning home.

Who pays for HouseCalls services?

Most Holy Redeemer HouseCalls services are covered by Medicare.

To enroll in HouseCalls or to find out if this program is right for you or someone you know, please call 215-856-1100 if you live in Pennsylvania.