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Find Relief for Back Pain

From belts to insoles to support cushions, doctors have tested a range of ways to ward off back pain. One reigns supreme, a new analysis shows: exercise.

What is a CCRC?

If you’ve begun even a cursory search for a retirement community, you’ve probably heard or seen the term CCRC. But what does that designation mean?

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Have you ever heard of seasonal affective disorder? Many individuals suffer each year with this strange condition brought on by the time of year and the change of season.

Common Causes for Missed Periods

If you’ve ever missed a period, or more than one, you’ve experienced amenorrhea. Amenorrhea simply means the absence of menstruation.

Stress And Heart Health

It can be a missed bus, a tight deadline at work, or a sick family member. Stress takes many forms. In fact, it is so common we may not recognize it for what it is: a potentially serious health risk.

Genetic Testing Helps Young Mother Beat Breast Cancer

Being diagnosed with breast cancer at age 33 didn’t stop Jamie Ulkloss from planning her future. By delving into her family’s past and determining her own heredity through genetic testing, she was able to choose the treatment that was best for her.

Watch That Backpack Weight

Most children rely on backpacks to carry books and supplies to and from school and activities. But a backpack that’s too heavy or doesn’t fit right can cause harm.

What to Expect with Endometriosis

Endometriosis can range from mild to severe – and the level of pain is not a good indicator of severity. It is estimated to affect slightly more than 10 percent of women in the United States, aged 15 to 44.

3 Surprising Things That Harm Your Liver

You’ve probably heard about the danger alcohol poses to your liver. But drinking isn’t the only threat to the largest organ in the digestive system.

The Value of Volunteering

Many of our resident volunteers stay more active which improves their own physical health, making them feel better. Studies have shown that volunteering can also help with relieving pain.