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4 Foods to Eat Away your Allergies this Spring

Load up on these foods to breathe easier this allergy season.

Choosing a hospice: Finding the right program

Hearing that a loved one will benefit from hospice care may result in a flood of emotions.

Meet the Gullis at Lafayette

Philadelphia born and raised, the Gullis are happy to have found a perfect place to live in an area they love.

A better ultrasound for dense breast tissue

Have you been told that you have dense breasts? Are you interested in the latest technology to supplement your regular mammogram?

4 Things to Know About Pollen and Allergies

About 7 percent of adults suffer from a pollen allergy, also known as hay fever, and it can be a major nuisance during some of the nicest times of the year.

Prevent Sports Injuries in Your Young Athlete

Balls. Bats. Bruises. Sports injuries are common in young athletes. But the physical demands, equipment, and skills needed for each sport are different.

Keep in Balance to Avoid Falls

Here’s a startling statistic: More than one-third of people ages 65 and older fall each year. 1 out of 5 falls causes a serious injury such as a head trauma or a fracture.

Pediatric Rehabilitation therapists published

Two of our Pediatric Rehabilitation occupational therapists co-authored an article for publication by OT Practice magazine.

Join us for an Open House at Holy Redeemer St. Joseph Manor

A personal care residence should feel like home: come see what St. Joseph Manor has to offer.

Third DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses Earned

The third nurse to win the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses since July 2017.