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Back Pain Remedies

Back pain strikes nearly as often as the common cold — in fact, almost 80% of people in the world develop back pain.

Knee replacement can ease the pain of a baker’s cyst

Learn what a Baker’s cyst is and how your surgery may help this condition.

Prevent Sports Injuries in Your Young Athlete

Balls. Bats. Bruises. Sports injuries are common in young athletes. But the physical demands, equipment, and skills needed for each sport are different.

Keep in Balance to Avoid Falls

Here’s a startling statistic: More than one-third of people ages 65 and older fall each year. 1 out of 5 falls causes a serious injury such as a head trauma or a fracture.

What to Do if You Fall This Winter

Ideally, you would rather not fall. But unfortunately, slipping on ice or tripping over snow can happen to the best of us during the winter.

Running Tips and Tidbits

It is important to recognize that each individual in our running/walking group has a different skill set; everybody and every “body” are different.

Six Ways to Keep Your Joints Healthy

If you have healthy joints, you may not think twice about going for a run or taking a walk. For those with damaged or diseased joints, however, just getting out of bed can be painful.