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Back To School: Tips To Ease The Transition

After a summer of fun adventures and no homework, the back to school transition can be daunting for children and parents alike. 

8 things to consider when choosing a child care center

Choosing a child care provider can be overwhelming and timely for many.

Prevent Sports Injuries in Your Young Athlete

Balls. Bats. Bruises. Sports injuries are common in young athletes. But the physical demands, equipment, and skills needed for each sport are different.

Pediatric Rehabilitation therapists published

Two of our Pediatric Rehabilitation occupational therapists co-authored an article for publication by OT Practice magazine.

Baby Equipment: Jolly Jumpers

Babies seem to love bouncing in Jolly Jumpers and Jumparoos.

The ABCs of Reading to Your Baby

Did you know that reading to very young children, including babies, not only promotes literacy but has many additional benefits as well?

Cyberbullying: Keeping Your Kids Safe

About 21 percent of adolescents ages 12 to 18 have been bullied by peers on the internet. Cyberbullying, like its old-fashioned counterpart, feeds anxiety and depression. Here's how we can help stop it.