Holy Redeemer Honors Abington Police Department

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December 8, 2017

Holy Redeemer Honors Abington Police Department

Holy Redeemer Health System honored the brave men and women of the Abington Police Department on Tuesday, November 28th during a special celebratory luncheon.

The program, “Abington Police, Our Everyday Heroes,” took place at the Holy Redeemer Transformation Center, at 521 Moredon Road. Throughout the years, Holy Redeemer Health System and the Sisters of the Redeemer have built a longstanding relationship with the Abington Police Department.

During the celebration, leaders from Holy Redeemer shared personal stories of gratitude for the Abington Police. Maggie Rivera, Director of the Holy Redeemer Health System Childcare Center, praised the officers for their steadfast emergency situation training she received several years ago, noting the lessons she learned during that training are still at the forefront of her mind today.

The Sisters of the Redeemer took time to thank the officers for keeping their community safe and tending to the emergency needs of the Health System.

“If you ever need anything, a glass of water or a restroom, you are welcome to stop by our Province Center,” Sr. Anne Marie Haas, CSR told the officers.

At the conclusion of the celebration, each attendee received a special insulated lunch bag as a token of appreciation.

Community engagement is important to Holy Redeemer - learn more about our community resources here.

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