Our Loved Ones Never Truly Leave Us

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July 16, 2017

Our Loved Ones Never Truly Leave Us

Our Hospice team hosts a memorial service twice a year to remember those who have passed. It is a beautiful ceremony filled with song, readings and remembrance. This year, the ceremony was especially full. About 200 family members participated. Something very special happened that night. It is a story that was a true reflection of how our loved ones are still close even though they have passed.

Two family members came to the service to remember their loved one who had died recently. This year, the night of our ceremony was their loved one’s birthday. Each patient under our care was remembered with a candle that we provided to the family. They are asked to place the candle on the table near our special remembrance stones. As Bill’s name was called his family stood up, silently wishing him Happy Birthday. They took their candles to the table. As they placed their candles onto the table, the candles both went out at the exact same time! It was if Bill was blowing his birthday candles out and letting his family know he was here with them.

They shared their story with us and I wanted to share it, to give hope in knowing that our loved ones never truly leave us.

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