Planning for a Second Baby

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February 12, 2018

Planning for a Second Baby

Rachael M. Sampson, MD, Millennium OB/GYN

So many of women at the end of their first labor, swear that they are “never doing that again,” but the pull of parenthood is a strong one, and for a lot of us, one just isn’t enough!

Planning for a family is an exciting time in a couple’s life, but while having a first child seems like a great leap into vast world of parenthood and you may feel like you are an expert, there are a few key points to keep in mind when considering having a second.

Although in theory every pregnancy is different, many obstetric conditions are likely to occur again if they happened during the first pregnancy. For instance if you suffered from gestational diabetes with your first baby, it is more likely that you will be affected during your second. Of course if you know that you are prone to particular conditions, this can be incorporated into any prenatal planning you do with your obstetrician or other health care providers.

The age difference between two children can also have a great impact on how well you are able to prepare for the next. Optimize your health between pregnancies by monitoring your blood pressure, glycemic status, weight, and dietary habits. It is easy when caring for a newborn and into the first few years of parenthood for mothers not to not make themselves a priority.

Just as every pregnancy differs, so does every delivery. Second labors are often much quicker than the first. Think carefully about how you may want to mange labor pain. As with the first pregnancy, it is still important to consider the merits of receiving an epidural versus forgoing any drugs to reduce pain at all. And as we all know babies sometimes are very unpredictable and any plan can go out the window in an instant, but it is still important to have one if you have to make quick decisions during labor. Also keep in mind the amount of social activities you make around your due date.

You will need to make many of the same preparations for second child as with your first. Remember while the love we have for our children can be exponential, unfortunately the number of hours in a day does not double, and it is important to manage expectations of household duties and other responsibilities, especially when juggling a job. Plan for have a strong support system not only to care for your newborn but your first child as well. Another little person changes the family dynamic no matter how old your first child is at the time you have your second. This can be one of the biggest challenges no matter how many children you have but it is probably the most important part of planning a new addition.

Above all remember to keep your sense of humor, stay flexible and enjoy the moment. Being a Mom isn’t the easiest job but it is probably one of the most rewarding!

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