Safe summer workouts

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June 6, 2018

Safe summer workouts

Robert Catalini BS, MBA

Does this sound familiar? It’s summer and you’ve been trying to get into shape. You’ve tried weights, cardio, a boot camp class or two, but you’re getting bored and are ready to move it outside and try something different. The only problem is that the mercury continues to rise and kick-up the heat! Don’t worry, an outdoor workout is not impossible this time of year.

Here are some ideas and precautions to help you move outdoors with your workout and mix things up a little!

1. Timing

Because of the hot sun and high UV index during the day, time your outdoor workouts to either early morning or later in the day just before dusk when the sun is lower in the sky and the temperatures are cooler. Try wetting a headband or hat for some added relief, and don’t forget the sunscreen!

Tip: Observe your urine color because dark urine means you are not drinking enough water and clear urine means you have taken in too much.

2. Hydrate

Make sure to drink a lot of water to replace fluids, specifically water. People often think they have to consume electrolytes or sports drinks to replenish fluids, but that’s not the case. If you follow a good diet and are not working outside in the heat all day, water should be sufficient and won’t add calories. Thirst is not always a good indicator as you may be dehydrated by the time you’re thirsty. Drink water during the day before and after your workout.

3. Type of Workouts

HIIT. Cycling. Weight training. You can maintain a “back to basics” workout like these and just do them outdoors.

HIIT (High-intensity interval training)

Sprints, pushups and chin-ups can all be done at a school track and playground. Sprint the straights, walk the turns and alternate your chin-ups and pushups between the walks.


Try faster sprints with fewer speed breaks between. The parking lot at an industrial park provides lots of space and little or no traffic when you visit after hours.

Weight training

Resistance training is important throughout life for strong bones and muscles. Head to the playground for plyometric jumps, chin-ups, ladder walks, squats, etc. Using your own body weight can provide great resistance training.

So with a little creativity and precaution, you can move your workouts outdoors, get some vitamin D and enjoy the fresh air. To get more involved or learn, visit our Fitness Center page.

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