Cardiovascular Services

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There are four areas of Cardiovascular Care at Holy Redeemer: Prevention, Diagnostics, Clinical Treatment and Rehabilitation. Integrating education, evaluation, diagnostics, sophisticated treatment and innovative therapies, these services are delivered, managed and monitored by experienced medical professionals.

Find a Heart Doctor
To find a Holy Redeemer cardiovascular physician, call 1-800-818-4747 or click below and search under 'Cardiology'.

Clinical Treatment
If you need treatment it's good to know that our team of specialists are experts at performing a wide variety of non-invasive procedures, right here in your own back yard.
Only a professional can diagnose the difference between chest pain and a heart attack. Read more about concerning symptoms and how to prepare for the unexpected.
Restorative Rehabilitation 
Restorative Rehab
We have an accredited team of professionals who can help you restore your quality of life. Physician supervised, our personalized approach helps you get back to your full potential.