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At Holy Redeemer, our Diabetes Management program will guide you step by step to a healthier life. Whether you've just found out you have diabetes or you've had it for a while, we give you the tools to successfully manage your condition. In our 10-hour course, we'll show you how to eat smart, start moving, manage stress and take care of your diabetes day to day.

For information on upcoming classes, see our Classes and Events page or call 215-938-5700.


Holy Redeemer’s Diabetes Self-Management course gives you the knowledge and skills to be accountable to yourself and take control of your condition.

The course is recognized by the American Diabetes Association. We offer it several times a year over a few sessions totaling 10 hours. Topics include:

  • Defining Diabetes
  • Nutrition
  • Medications
  • Blood Glucose Monitoring
  • Exercise
  • Stress Management
  • Prevention of Diabetes-Related Conditions


Before you can manage diabetes, you need to understand it. Our diabetes educators will explain:

  • The disease
  • Why lifestyle is important
  • How your medicines work
  • Why it’s so important to stay on top of monitoring your blood sugars

Educators also will talk about the possible complications of diabetes—such as problems with eyes, feet and circulation—and what you can do to stay ahead of potential issues.


Having diabetes means more than taking a pill or “being on a diet” for the rest of your life. It’s ultimately about living healthy.

During our Diabetes Self-Management course, we'll show you how you can eat well, and still eat smart. We'll give you the basics of starting an exercise plan you can live with. And we'll talk about ways to manage your stress and incorporate diabetes into your daily life.


Our physicians, nurses, dietitian and other specialists offer you their perspectives on diabetes, discuss your concerns and work with you to set goals.

We encourage you to bring a support person to the sessions, especially if that person assists with making meals or can lend you extra inspiration and practical help as you make changes in your life.


All classes are held at Holy Redeemer Hospital. Insurance often covers the course.

For more information on managing your diabetes, visit our Classes and Events page or call 215-938-5700.

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