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At Holy Redeemer, our Spine Care team of medical specialists is dedicated to diagnosing, treating and managing your back and neck pain. Call today to schedule a consult with a physician who is a musculoskeletal specialist. Our experts coordinate every aspect of your care — from testing like X-rays and MRIs to finding the right treatment for your pain. We fully discuss and customize your options for managing pain so you can get back to enjoying life.

To arrange a consultation with one of our orthopedists that specialize in spine care call 1-800-818-4747.

When to Seek an Evaluation
Are you experiencing the kind of back or neck pain that keeps you from your favorite activities, or makes doing even simple chores difficult? Learn how to determine if you should make an appointment with our Spine Care specialists.
Spine Care Services
Our team of Spine Care specialists works with each patient individually to help determine the right treatment to ease your back or neck pain. Learn more about your options for successfully managing persistent back and neck pain.
Why Choose Holy Redeemer?
Why Choose
If you have been struggling to find relief for persistent back or neck pain without success, we can help. Call our Spine Care team today for to schedule a  consult with a physician who is a musculoskeletal specialist.  
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If you're experiencing chronic back and neck pain, now is the time to seek help.
Holy Redeemer Spine Care can help get you on your way to a better quality of life.
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