Information for Visitors

The arrival of a newborn is a very special time for family members and friends.

We know that you’re eager to visit with mother and child; however, remember that childbirth is also a physically and emotionally stressful time. It’s important that we all help maintain a calm, healthy and relaxing environment.

We ask that you review the below guidelines before visiting with the new mother and her baby.

Maternity Center Visiting Policies

  • Visiting hours are Noon to 8:30 p.m. (Fathers have unlimited visitation rights)
  • All visitors must sign in at the maternity registration desk
  • No visitors are permitted in the labor and delivery room. However, two designated support people, wearing identification bracelets, may remain with the new mother throughout delivery
  • No children under the age of one are permitted, except siblings
  • For a full listing of Holy Redeemer Hospital's on-campus amenities and services (such as Wireless Internet Access, Cafeteria Hours, the Gift Shop and much more), click here.

For the Protection of our Infants

  • All Maternity Center exits are alarmed, locked and monitored
  • At the entrance, the registrar will release the lock to allow visitors in and out of the unit. An emergency alarm will sound if you open the door without authorization
  • Please inform the receptionist which new mom you are visiting and sign the visitor log

For the Health of our Mothers and Infants

  • Please do not enter the maternity unit if you’re coming down with a cold. cough or otherwise not feeling well
  • Children are not permitted in the maternity area if they have a cough, runny nose or open sore
  • Always wash your hands before touching the newborn. This means briskly rubbing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, then rinsing and drying with paper towels. Make sure your young children also wash their hands

For the Comfort and Privacy of New Mothers and Others

  • We do not give out information over the phone
  • We suggest that you designate one family member as the “contact person,” and call him/her for updates
  • Allow the new mother to get important rest by limiting the length of your visit and the number of visitors in her room
  • Please do not linger in the hallways, in order to avoid disturbing other patients. Visit either inside the new mother’s room or wait in the maternity lounge across from the elevators
  • Keep children by your side at all times. Give them activities, snacks or attention to help them enjoy the visit, too
  • Don’t peek into other patient rooms or ask staff members to share information about others
  • Please respect our staff by not photographing or videotaping them while they do their jobs

For more information on our maternity center or Maternity Care, call 1-800-818-4747 or click here.