Lymphedema Care

Holy Redeemer’s Lymphedema Specialists are here to help.

If you're experiencing abnormal swelling in your arms or legs, you may have developed lymphedema. This is a condition in which excess fluid collects in tissues and causes swelling. Lymphedema can occur following cancer treatment, trauma or in those who have circulation problems.

While there is no cure for lymphedema, there are ways to manage the condition, ensure your comfort and prevent its occurrence.

Our treatments include:

  • Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT)—lymph drainage massage to improve circulation
  • Gradient compression bandages and garments to reduce swelling
  • Exercises to aid flexibility, strength, circulation and endurance
  • Modalities such as laser treatments to compliment other therapies
  • Education on treatments you can do at home to provide relief
  • Specialized therapies for breast swelling and pain due to surgery

Our Therapists

Our experienced physical and occupational therapists are specially certified in the treatment of lymphedema. Their focus is on relieving swelling and discomfort, and they will develop an individualized plan to help you achieve the goals that are important to you. The compassionate care and therapy they provide is designed to empower you to successfully manage your condition so you can live life to the fullest.

For an appointment or to learn more, please contact us at 215-494-7353.

Lymphatic Enhancement Technology (LET) offered through a partnership with Blissful Beginnings Spa

LET improves lymphatic drainage and increases lymph fluid flow. The Lymphstar Pro/Fusion® provides various fields of low vibration energy provided by radio frequency waves, with the intention of stimulating the lymphatic capillaries to increased fluid flow as well as breaking down protein-rich fluid in the tissue space.