Online Mammography Appointments

Online Mammography Appointments

Welcome to Holy Redeemer’s convenient online mammogram screening scheduling service. Please enter your information below if you qualify for online appointment scheduling; you can find the qualifying requirements listed on this page. All fields are required except for those noted as optional.

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Please remember, you can request an appointment online if you are 40 years of age or older.
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We will send the results of your mammogram to your referring physician. In addition, a prescription is required when scheduling your annual mammogram. Please fill out the below contact information for your referring and primary care physician(s):

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Most insurance companies will cover your yearly routine mammogram screening. Please fill out your below insurance information for our records:

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Additional Options

Please note that these options are only available at our Southampton location. If you’d like to add one or all of these to your annual mammogram screening, please check the appropriate boxes.

Real-Time Read
Breast Tomosynthesis (commonly referred to as a 3D mammogram)
ABUS (Automated Breast Ultrasound System)