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Holy Redeemer Support at Home Caregivers

Holy Redeemer Support at Home Caregivers

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Holy Redeemer Caregivers are different because they all share the same strengths: skill, knowledge and compassion.

Pre-screening and ongoing training ensures best-in-class care

Our caregivers are carefully screened and hand selected for their kind and compassionate nature with people. Additionally, we demand professionalism and personal care skills. These high standards for caregivers are supported by rigorous training and testing overseen by registered nurses:

  • Hands-on testing includes bathing, safe ambulation, bathroom assistance and feeding 
  • A written exam assesses knowledge and skills in safety procedures and infection control 
  • Continual supervision and support by an experienced registered nurse ensures skills are maintained 
  • Ongoing participation in OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) in-services, safety in-services and six hours of general in-services annually keeps knowledge honed
  • Intensive background screening includes criminal background checks and appropriate immunizations

Personalized plans ensure optimized quality of life

A licensed nurse visits the home, with your specially chosen caregiver, to assess the needs, environment and challenges. A customized care plan is then developed with you and your loved one for our caregiver to follow, ensuring that all of the care needs are met. Our caregivers are thoroughly trained to perform their duties and monitor for any changes that could require a change in their care plan. All our caregivers are Holy Redeemer employees and meet our requirements for giving your loved one outstanding care.

Direct billing protects privacy and security

Holy Redeemer bills you bi-weekly and we pay the caregiver. Money is never exchanged with the caregiver, reducing the need for complicated paperwork and keeping personal financial information confidential. Since all caregivers are Holy Redeemer employees, we make the caregiving process seamless and easy, paying the employee directly and complying with all state and federal labor and health laws, including taxes, Social Security and Workers' Compensation.

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