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Holy Redeemer Support at Home Services

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Whether it’s daily, weekly or occasionally, Holy Redeemer caregivers help families retain some normalcy in their lives. Life isn’t nine to five, and neither are our services. Whether you need help a few hours a day (morning, afternoon, late evening or overnight) or seamless 24/7 care, our services provide practical support, peace of mind and a safe and sound environment wherever you call home. We offer care at reasonable costs that are based on the services we provide. Long-term care insurance and veteran's benefits can also be applied to payment.

Personal Care
Personal hygiene affects well-being. By offering personal services such as bathing, dressing and grooming, we help maintain independence and dignity.

Meal Preparation
Good nutrition is a key to good health. We plan and prepare balanced meals and provide companionship at meal time. We also make sure that the memory impaired receive consistent, nutritional meals.

Laundry/Light Housekeeping
Straightening and tidying the home is reassuring for those unable to perform these routine tasks. We can help with: bed making/linen changing; laundry; cleanup and tidying around the house.

Errands and Local Transportation
Even a short break can make home seem that much more welcoming upon return. Our caregivers can help with transportation to medical appointments and mini outings to the hair salon or to visit family and friends.

Mobility and Exercise Management 
Safety around the home is paramount. Our caregivers ensure a safe environment for getting around the house. We also encourage an appropriate level of physical activity to maintain physical and mental well-being.  

Companionship and socialization

Loneliness can be physically and mentally debilitating. In addition to being professionally trained, our caregivers provide valuable companionship and socialization for house-bound individuals.

Medication Management

Taking medications can be overwhelming. Through our Medication Management Program, a nurse organizes and prefills medications so that they’re easy to remember and take. We ensure there’s always medication on hand, order necessary refills and monitor medication response. 

Wellness and Health Maintenance
The daily responsibilities of tending to a sick, disabled or post-operative family member can be overwhelming. Through our Wellness Program, our nurses can provide preventive care in the home. With health maintenance as a common goal we review medications and current health status, check vital signs and interact with the family physician or specialist whenever needed.

Welcome Home with our Safe Transitions Program
The first step in providing support at home is a safe, secure transition. Holy Redeemer caregivers welcome you back home from a hospital or rehab stay with care and support. Providing safe transportation home, your caregiver can help unpack, prepare a meal, pick up your prescriptions, do laundry and provide the kind of support and services that will help you be happy that you’re home once again! 

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