Why Holy Redeemer Support at Home?

Why Holy Redeemer Support at Home?

Why Choose Holy Redeemer Support at Home?


There comes a time when the day-to-day becomes a challenge. But, finding consistent, compassionate care you can trust is challenging, too. Holy Redeemer Support at Home provides quality care in thousands of homes every day. This breadth and depth of care is no coincidence. It’s living proof that our standards are as high as yours.

From the earliest days we’ve pursued our life’s calling by ministering to the sick and poor. When the Sisters of the Holy Redeemer first came from Germany in 1924, their compassion transcended any language barriers. Despite little food and limited numbers, the sisters worked long and hard, living with the sick and their distressed families to help with nursing and household needs. Word of their successes spread and the Motherhouse in Germany soon sent more sisters.

Nearly a century later we are just as committed to holistic care. First, a licensed nurse visits the home, with your specially chosen caregiver, to assess the needs, environment and challenges. A customized care plan is then developed with you and your loved one for our caregiver to follow, ensuring that all of the care needs are met. All of our caregivers meet OSHA requirements. They also undergo background checks, written tests, in-services and hands-on training.

Unlike some home care companies, our caregivers never collect money. Instead we bill our services directly, which reduces paperwork and protects confidentiality. And because we hold our Support at Home aides to the highest standards, all of of caregivers exhibit integrity and discretion.

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