Holy Redeemer Telehealth

“Visit” Your Health Care Provider without Ever Leaving Home

Holy Redeemer Telehealth, which is done via a smartphone, tablet, or computer, allows you to see a doctor, nurse practitioner, or behavioral health professional in the comfort of your own home.

Telehealth is so easy to arrange and may be appropriate if you need to be seen for a:

  • Chronic or minor health condition
  • Well visit
  • Emotional health issues or counseling services
  • Prescription refill

Using your device’s audio and camera, our easy-to-use connection will provide a secure interface between you and your provider. All you need is access to the Internet. There is no cost to use our connection*, no account to set up, and no software to download.

Ask your Holy Redeemer provider about telehealth availability. If you schedule a telehealth visit, the office will inform you how to set up your device in preparation for your appointment or download our easy directions.

Need to find a Holy Redeemer primary care physician or specialist who offers Telehealth?

Call our Information and Referral Center
at 1-800-818-4747.

Telehealth Tips

When choosing to receive care through telehealth, it’s important to prepare ahead of time so you can feel comfortable and make the most of your appointment. These tips can help ensure you receive the care you need.

  1. Talk to your insurance company about coverage and copays.
  2. Call our office to make an appointment. We will email you detailed log on information.
  3. Before your appointment, make sure whatever device you’re using (desktop, laptop, tablet or phone) is fully charged/plugged in, and that you have a reliable internet connection.
  4. Write down your questions, as well as any symptoms and how long you’ve had them.
  5. Gather your medications and any equipment (thermometer, scale, blood pressure cuff, etc.) you’ll need.
  6. Find a quiet space close to your router or computer (the closer your wi-fi signal, the better the connection).
  7. Turn off the TV and any noisy devices like HVAC units and ceiling fans. Put your pets in another room, and mute any desktop notifications.
  8. Make sure the light is in front of you so your doctor can see you clearly.
  9. Place your phone or tablet in a holder or lean it against something heavy rather than holding it.
  10. Use headphones for privacy and to minimize any feedback or static.
  11. After your appointment, most telehealth providers will email patient assessment and instructions, but take notes anyway and confirm you understand everything before hanging up.

*You will never be charged to link to your provider via our telehealth connection; however, there will be a fee for the medical consult you receive during your video appointment as determined by your insurer and provider.