Vaccination Distribution for Non-Affiliated Health Workers Group 1A

Holy Redeemer has developed a process, based on the Pennsylvania Department of Health (PA DOH) order to allow for non-affiliated health care workers in Group 1A to request COVID-19 vaccinations.

Beginning on December 23rd, Holy Redeemer carefully implemented plans to vaccinate our front-line and other health care providers, as well as our employees based on the guidance from the CDC and the PA DOH.

If you are a nonaffiliated health care provider we will place you on a waiting list but please know our allocation for non-affiliated 1A eligible recipients of vaccine have already been identified. We would also suggest you go to your County Health Department Website and sign up for a vaccine with them. Below are the links to those sites:

Montgomery County Website:
Bucks County Website: Bucks County Vaccination Request
Philadelphia County Website: COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic Request Form

To be placed on the waiting list, please email and provide proof of licensure and/or certification along with proof of photo identity.